Neuro Soundwave Technology

Neuro development involves empowering you to grow by guiding you to enhance your right brain, overcoming your fears, and create a holistic approach towards success. Neuro Soundwave Technology is the enabling technology to support your growth. We have specially selected products that could help you achieve your objectives:


Reduce Stress

How do you relax then? One method is to use the Tranquility headset to guide your brain to a relaxation state. The Tranquility has music compositions embedded with Laxo Relaxation Soundwave, specifically to help users to relax at the workplace or when working at home. Find out more about the headset The Tranquility – LDSY Academy 

To get you going with a learner’s mindset, enhancing your right brain is critical for you to cultivate your talent, learn with curiosity and ignite your creativity. Being able to balance your left and right brain allows you to become more flexible and in turn, help you to overcome fear at the critical moment when you need to react quickly to situations.  Find out more about the headset. Find out more The Activator – LDSY Academy

Courses – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is the use of the mind and language patterns to achieve specific desired changes in our behaviours and thoughts. To make that great first impression, you need to make use of the Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory (VAKOG) system to make sure all your bases are covered. Take part in the 4-day empowering belief course at LDSY Academy to bring you to a totally new paradigm! Click to learn more!