Brain Power

We rely extensively on our brain to make decisions everyday, big or small, by tapping into our knowledge and information collected over the years in our short term and long term memory sections of our brain. 


A healthy brain is essential for us to use our potential in our work and personal life. However, stress and fear can cause us to make wrong decisions when our brain does not perform effectively.  


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Have you ever thought of what makes a good mentor?

To me, a good mentor is someone who:

  1. is a good listener;
  2. who is willing to share past personal experiences with you; and
  3. who is someone who does not direct you, yet gives you the personal space to make your own decisions.

Have you ever, at any point in your career, felt clueless or helpless, and wanted to reach out to someone to talk to? I have, in fact many times, in the earlier part of my career.  And I was very glad that 3 years into my job, I found a Mentor who has guided me through a large part of my career path. With his mentorship, I decided to venture into my own business, after 20 years of corporate life.    

To pay it forward, I also became a Mentor to others, and I have over the years, shared many of my personal experiences to give my mentees an additional perspective.  This helps them to decide on their own how to move forward. 

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Networking is an important part of our personal and work lives. We network through face-to-face interactions with our colleagues, bosses, friends, peers etc, or through social media platforms. 

Networking is one way for us to reach out to like-minded people and source for talent to empower us to grow personally and professionally. 

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Personal Growth

Your personal growth is important, to keep growing in the direction you desire and is certain to be the best growth you can get at your stage of life. 

Are you empowering yourself for success? Your personal growth journey is dependent on steps that you must keep in mind in order to achieve your best potential! 

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