Key Benefits of the Tranquility:

  1. Helps user to relax
  2. Helps user reduce stress
  3. 8×3 hours Laxo Relaxation Soundwave

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Key Benefits of the Activator:

  1. Enhances right brain
  2. Enhances motor skill coordination ability
  3. Improves emotion control and long term memory 

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BioNizer Air & Surface Disinfection system* eliminates harmful pollutants and pathogens from the air that you breathe and the surfaces that you touch, providing a sustainable and healthy living or workspace constantly. It uses the latest integrated Reactive Oxygen Species (RoS) Ionic and Nano-Grid (NG) technology, to kill harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. The BioNizer generates a stream of ions that actively kills bacteria and viruses in the air while the Nano-Grid (better than silver) eliminates the pathogens when the air flows through the device and gets in contact with it. 

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*BioNizer is manufactured by BioSafe Technology Pte Ltd, and marketed by LDSY Pte Ltd.

Key Benefits of the Accelerator:

  1. Enhances right brain and learning speed
  2. Improve explicit and implicit learning abilities
  3. Useful for adults working and students studying

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